Press Work and Special Articles

You are looking for a German PR agency that helps you getting into German speaking magazines as well as onto online portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH)?

Well, that’s what we can do for you:

Our Concept for Press Work in D-A-CH

  • Different Messages for Each Target Group
    Thanks to more than ten years of experience, we know how to address different target groups best in order to evoke their interest in what it is that your company offers.
  • Target Groups
    As soon as the target market segment has been chosen, together we will discover whom you want and need to reach in order to reach your company’s goals and the maximum effect on your target groups.
  • Targeting
    After we get to know your company and your goals, we help you to discover your target market segment.
  • Methods and Topics
    Together we will work on a concept that fits your company best.
  • Unique Selling Proposition
    What is it that makes your company better than those of your competitors? We are going to find it out and focus on it because this may be the exact aspects your future clients are looking for.
  • Keywords
    We find out how to improve the position of your website on Google Ranking and which keywords your target group is looking for.
  • Time Management
    Considering the dates of your projects we will manage your publications since they will lead to more traffic on your website as well as focus on the results of your projects.
  • Recommendations and Ideas
    We operate pro-active. By looking out for new offers we try to improve your standing even while have other things to focus on. By this we ensure that the PR of your company will always be up-to-date.

Professional Article

First, we create a concept for your special article that will be followed by an abstract. We search for appropriate print magazines where your article could and needs to be published and consult the editorial team after your agreement on the publishing of the special article in this magazine.
Such an article may have approx. 7.000 to 12.000 characters incl. blanks. Of course, you’ll receive a proof sheet.


Press Release

In German „Pressemitteilung“ or „Pressemeldung“

  1. Text
    According to a special theme or message you want to be published, we write you a text of approx. 3.000 characters and provide the correct keywords to spread the article within the main search enginges (SEO).
  2. Distribution List
    Thanks to more than ten years of experience, we offer distribution lists of press contacts in Germany, Austria an Switzerland (D-A-CH). Examples for those distrubution lists may be:- Trade Magazines as e.g.: „IT“, „logistics“, „energy“ for product press releases
    – Economical Magazines for company related press releases
  3. Distribution
    Even the distribution of your press releases is covered by our service. We have build customized press distribution lists that work with a newsletter software and reach approx. 200 – 300 addresses per press release.
  4. Online PR
    We know about the importance of Online PR. Therefore we distribute your press releases additionally to approx. 100 press portals of both kinds: charged and free.
  5. Clipping
    After three weeks you receive a report of the online press review on your article. Among other advantages, you will be able to monitor how many readers the article has reached and how often it has been mentioned.

Any questions? Feel free to ask! – We are looking forward to hear from you.


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